Moonrocks pre Rolls



Moonrocks pre rolls is a nug of cannabis flower that has been covered in liquid cannabis concentrate and dusted with kief. This indica get their name because they are so potent the high will send you to the moon.

“My hands were covered in oil after making moon rocks.”

How Moonrocks pre Rolls it been made

Its require a nug of flower, a liquid cannabis concentrate, and kief. Plastic gloves are recommended and can make the process a lot smoother and cleaner.

First, cover the bud with a liquid concentrate—distillate and RSO are commonly used. As they are viscous and can come in a syringe for easy application.
Cover the bud a few times with the liquid concentrate, pausing between applications to let the oil soak into the flower.

Once the flower is saturated with oil, carefully roll it in kief until all sticky parts on the surface are covered. Once done, store in a cool, dark place to dry for at least a few hours. Then, enjoy!

They are best smoked in a pipe or bong, as they are too sticky to grind or roll into a joint. Hemp wick can help light a moon rock, as they don’t catch as quickly as regular flower.

Difference between Moonrocks pre Rolls and caviar

Moon rocks and caviar are often used interchangeably, but they are technically two different products. Both are cannabis buds covered in a liquid concentrate, but caviar is not dusted with kief. Be sure to specify your preference if purchasing either at a dispensary.


Moon Rock Pre Rolls


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