cannabis lollipop recipe

Cannabis lollipop recipe

Were you hesitant to try making cannabis lollipop recipe despite your curiosity about how to do it?Creating homemade edibles need not be a complex or anxiety-inducing task. In reality, producing do-it-yourself infusions can be cost-effective and offer home cooks the opportunity to personalize flavors, sugar levels, and THC potency to their liking.

Pro tip: Check out our Edible lollipops dosing chart for guidance on how to achieve your preferred THC:CBD ratio and perfect your homemade edible creations.

What you’ll need:

  • Thermometer
  • Candy molds (any kind: lollipop, pot leaf, adult-only shapes)
  • Pastry brush
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Colouring
  • Flavouring


A thermometer is a must for making this recipe, or any hard candy, successfully. When selecting a thermometer for cooking, you’ll have a few different choices including: glass, digital, and glass/metal hybrid.

Glass thermometers (recommended)

Glass deep fry/candy thermometers are designed for making candy. Made completely of glass they hook onto the side of any pot to monitor the temperature.

Using a flat-sided pot will allow the tip of the thermometer to be directly immersed in the cooking mixture. Do not allow the tip to touch the bottom of the pot. They are incredibly delicate and do break easily.

Also, remember to allow glass thermometers to cool fully before immersing them in water (I have broken my fair share by learning the hard way).

Metal and glass thermometers

Metal and glass candy thermometers are a more durable option. They hook onto the side of the pot with the tip immersed in the cooking liquid.

The metal edge lists the different stages of temperatures of cooking candy. These thermometers are safe and easy to use.

Digital thermometers

Another option is digital thermometers with removable temperature probes. They are inexpensive and are very versatile in the kitchen. The probe is attached by a heat-proof wire. Holding the probe in the mixture, but not touching the bottom, will give the most accurate temperature reading.

Candy molds (optional)

Technically, you could do this recipe without a mold but we highly recommend one while working with hot liquid sugar.

You can pick any shape that excites you, just be sure to grab the silicone molds instead of cheap plastic ones. You don’t want melted plastic in your pot.

If you want to skip the molds, buy a box of parchment paper. Using a spoon you can create delicate artisan weed lollipops using just parchment.


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