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Best fudgy chocolate brownie cookies are a one bowl wonder ready in minutes!

Once you try one of these fudge brownie cookies, you’ll never have a brownie again!These cookies are so chocolatey → soft → chewy → super fudgy → gooey on the inside, with a crispy/crunchy outer shell. Not only does the entire pan disappear in seconds, they are renamed ‘woooaahh! BETTER THAN BROWNIES!‘ by everyone who tries them!


If brownies and cookies had a baby you’d get these super decadent fudgy chocolate cookies. These brownie cookies are super easy to make, a serious crowd pleaser, and the perfect indulgent chocolate dessert for any occasion.

Fudgy Brownie Cookies

And on the 7th day God invented fudgy brownie cookies. Or something like that. But seriously… these fudgy brownie cookies are out of this world good. Picture the *exact* dense, fudgy texture of a a homemade brownie, but in perfect cookie form. I know, I know, it sounds too good to be true, but these chocolate cookies seriously do taste just like your favorite brownie.

If you’re a chocolate lover you simply have to make these fudgy chocolate cookies. You’re going to love them so much.

Ingredients for Fudgy Brownie Cookies

These simple brownie cookies call for all the same ingredients you’d need to make homemade brownies with a few exceptions. You’ll need a little more dry ingredients and a little less wet, but you’ll get the exact same fudgy brownie texture.

  • Cocoa Powder: Of course all chocolate desserts need cocoa powder. We love Rodelle’s cocoa powder, but any high quality, dutch processed cocoa powder will work well!
  • Chocolate: In addition to the cocoa powder you’ll need squares of baking chocolate. Make sure you’re using a bittersweet or dark chocolate as milk chocolate will be too sweet for these brownies.
  • Flour: All purpose flour will keep these chocolate cookies soft! We’ve also had success using Bob’s Redmill 1:1 Gluten Free Flour if you’re looking to make them gfree.
  • Salt: Salt is a key ingredient in sweet treats. It will take your desserts from good to great. You’ll need salt in the brownie batter, but we also love to top these fudgy chocolate cookies with a sprinkle of sea salt for a ~gourmet~ cookie.
  • Butter: You’ll need melted butter to keep these brownie cookies super soft and decadent.
  • Sugar: We used a combination of brown sugar and granulated sugar to give you a chewy and perfectly sweet cookie.
  • Espresso Powder: We always use espresso powder in our chocolate treats to enhance the chocolate flavor. You won’t taste the coffee at all–just deep, rich chocolate!
  • Eggs: Make sure your eggs are room temperature to prevent them from splitting the warm chocolate.

Tips for the best brownie cookies

To ensure that every bite of these brownie cookies is as fudgy, chocolatey, and perfect as it should be, follow the recipe to a T and take our advice. We’ve made these fugdy chocolate cookies more than a few times. You can trust us 🙂

  • Work quickly: To ensure your cookies get that glossy, crackly top signature brownie finish, it’s best to pop the brownie cookies in the oven as soon a you make the dough. In my book, this is preferable because there’s NO CHILL TIME. In other words, you can get cookies in your belly in 20 minutes from start to finish.
  • Use high quality chocolate: You’ll need a combination of cocoa powder and real chocolate to make these fudgy chocolate cookies. As with all chocolate desserts, we recommend you use high quality cocoa. For cocoa powder we love Rodelle. For chocolate, we love to bake with Ghiradelli, Guittard, Lindt, or another high quality brand.
  • Don’t forget the espresso powder: Espresso powder will enhance and deepen the chocolate flavor. So don’t worry about your cookies tasting like coffee. The only thing you’ll taste is scrumptious chocolate.
  • Do NOT over bake them: There are few things worse than over baked cookies. Make sure to take the brownies out as soon as they crackle when they are still raw and gooey in the middle. The cookies will continue to cook as the cool and you’ll be left with perfectly gooey middles.

How to store chocolate brownie cookies

Just like brownies, these chocolate cookies will stay moist, fudgy and tender for days. It’s best to store them in an airtight container or a plastic bag to preserve their flavor and texture as long as possible. The other great news? These chocolate brownie cookies freeze super well. Seal them in an airtight freezer bag for up to 3 months for delicious brownie cookies whenever you want.


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