8 of California’s Coolest Cannabis Dispensaries

With online weed shopping becoming more accessible in California, many people order home delivery of their favorite cannabis treats. It’s quick, easy, and convenient, which is particularly important for overachievers working 24/7. Still, visiting a brick-and-mortar shop can be much more satisfying because you get to interact with the cannabis culture on a more meaningful level. We composed a list of the eight top cannabis dispensaries in California that are worth an in-person visit.

Why Visit Cannabis Shops? 

Online shopping is undoubtedly one of the best things modern civilization can offer. However, brick-and-mortar dispensaries have undeniable advantages when it comes to purchasing cannabis. One of the best things about these places is the variety of products you can touch and smell. You get to learn about new products and cannabis brands and maybe experiment with new ones.

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Well-trained and knowledgeable employees are always there to help. They can educate you on product properties, benefits, and side effects, especially if you don’t know where to start. Dispensary employees can also make valuable recommendations regarding marijuana consumption, dosage, and drug interferences. Newbies may find their advice particularly valuable, as it is easy to get confused and lost in thousands of products available on the market. 

There’s also the social aspect that many people value. You get to meet new people, communicate with them, and hopefully learn something new about marijuana. Online shopping can hardly offer this invaluable social experience. Dispensaries listed below can offer all these advantages and even more, so they should be on your list of dispensaries in California.

Top 8 Cannabis Dispensaries to Visit in California 

We selected these top-notch dispensaries based on the following characteristics:

  • Design and space
  • Quality and variety of products
  • Employees’ competence
  • Location
  • Reviews 

So, explore the list below and choose your next stop to dive into the world of cannabis. 


This cannabis dispensary chain has shops in the most chill-out cities, such as Las Vegas and San Francisco. Each shop has a unique design, but they are all united by immaculate style and attention to detail. You will enjoy carefully selected furniture and eye-pleasing color schemes that invite you to stay longer. The staff is welcoming and helpful, ready to help you navigate a great selection of cannabis products.  


This company has five California dispensary stores in Bellflower, Hanford, and San Jose. The store offers an impressive selection of medical and recreational marijuana for all possible needs and occasions. The old-school design is fun and memorable, luring canna lovers in with a 50s vibe. The overall friendly and welcoming atmosphere will make you come back for more. Don’t worry about the quality – the store controls its cannabis from seed to sale, so you get first-class weed. 

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The Pottery 

In The Pottery, you can find cannabis products of the highest quality and get professional advice from store budtenders. However, this place is so much more than a cannabis dispensary. The store regularly organizes cannabis events where you can

  • Meet like-minded weed fans
  • Learn more about the cannabis culture
  • Discover new products 

You will also want to linger in the merchandise section that boasts marijuana-themed t-shirts, hats, and accessories. 

Grass Roots 

This dispensary is disguised as an old-fashioned bar with an antique counter and wooden bar stools. The staff is properly trained to give honest, detailed recommendations. Sit down, take a menu, and select the top-notch marijuana products with style. 

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Cookies Santa Ana

This hidden gem should be high on your list of the best dispensaries in California. The store has fantastic customer service, making every customer feel like a celebrity. If you come here with no idea what you want, you will find the needed advice and guidance that exceed your expectations. The signature blue-hued design elevates your shopping experience. 

Planet 13 Orange County

One of the largest dispensaries in the state, this place has everything you need to satisfy the weed craving. The store looks like no other, with its gigantic octopus installation and floor-to-ceiling digital displays making every visit a real entertainment event. Lots of competitive deals, affordable prices, and friendly budtenders complement the experience. 

Alfred Supply Company 

This place looks like a luxury hotel suite. Expensive furniture, lots of light, and a cozy chill-out zone lure visitors hungry for relaxation. Reasons to check out this shop if you are in a neighborhood:

  • Convenient parking and location
  • Rewards for new customers  
  • Competent staff
  • Trendy design

If you are a first-timer and know nothing about cannabis, budtenders at Alfred Supply Company will become your reliable guides into the marijuana world. 

The Healing Center 

The name of this dispensary accurately communicates its mission – to offer customers a holistic healing experience. The perfect layout allows you to see everything up close. Employees are always ready to share their positive energy and knowledge so that you don’t feel confused or lost. We guarantee that you will want to walk around this perfectly clean, welcoming dispensary and won’t leave it without a treat or two. 


Summing Up 

Each of the California-based dispensaries listed above has something unique to offer. They are a must if you are a sucker for award-winning design and immaculate customer service. These shops are great places to learn more about cannabis and select high-end products that will give you the much-sought relief and relaxation. They will change your perspective on cannabis and maybe even make you adept at offline marijuana shopping. 

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