41 Gushers Strain

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41 Gushers Strain

41 Gushers Strain  is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa) created through crossing the classic Gelato #41 X Triangle Kush strains. When you come into The Novel Tree in Bellevue or Bremerton looking for a strain with sweet and tasty smoke, the choices are staggering. Our budtenders have a veritable encyclopedia of strains to choose from at any given time, and just a cursory browse through our menu shouts out with terms like ‘haze’, ‘cake’, ‘mimosa’ or ‘punch’. People love a sweet tasting strain, and Washington state cannabis growers know this all too well. Their skill in teasing out these mouthwatering flavors by crossing one strain with another is super evident, taking the best aspects of each to create visually arresting and great smoking flower.

A perfect example of this best of both worlds approach is found in the Gushers strain. The sweet flavor of Gelato #41 and the heady effects of Triangle Kush come together in purple-flecked harmony. Originally developed following the candy strain craze with examples like Runtz, Zkittlez and Wowzer, Gushers is possibly the most profoundly confectionary in appearance. Little is known about where the strain was originally bred. But much of the lineage has roots in Florida and the Bay Area.


While we marvel at the beauty of certain cannabis flower and the flavors that enhance the experience, in the end it’s all about the effects. Gushers is known for having a particularly high THC content, 25% in our most recent batch from Cloud 9 Farms. The lineage of Gushers is equally as potent. Gelato #41 typically clocks in around 24%, while Triangle Kush hovers around 20% according to Leafly. But it’s not always about the THC content, although it gives us a good indication of what we’re signing up for when we light up. According to Hytiva:

Effects of the Gushers hybrid strain have been described by reviewers as being great for relieving their anxiety and depression as it helped calm their racing thoughts. Others have used Gushers for lazy days as it relaxed their muscles and allowed their mind to wander freely.

It’s interesting to note that one of Gushers’ parents. Triangle Kush is an Indica strain that’s renowned for easing anxiety, depression, and putting you in a great mood. Gelato #41 has similar characteristics in terms of effects. This hybrid strain induces a relaxed euphoria. The Indica-dominant hybrid Gushers unifies these effects and sprinkles some sugar on top.


Like its fruit snack namesake, sweet, fruity and tropical notes abound when you first crack a jar of fresh Gushers. The tangy aroma comes through strong with each inhale when you light a bowl too. This is one of those nugs of flower that looks so good you almost want to take a bite! The Gelato lineage shows up here as well with notes of cream and pastry.


Flavor: Sweet, candy, sour, cream, pastry

Smell: Tropical, fruity

Effects: Anxiety and stress relieving, muscle relaxing, great for days on the couch, uplifting yet sedating.

Also known as: Purple Gushers, Fruit Gushers


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