Ak 47 weed strain


Ak 47 weed strain

Cannabis strain AK-47 is renowned for its strong and protracted effects. It is a hybrid strain with a generally high level of THC and a fairly even distribution of indica and sativa traits.

The Russian assault rifle, known as the AK-47, received its moniker not from any associations with aggression or violence, but rather from its reputation as a “one-hit wonder” that may hit you hard. It smells skunky and strong, with floral and earthy undertones.

A strong, uplifting high that can provide users a surge of energy and inventiveness is commonly described as the AK-47 high, which is followed by a calming, mellowing effect. Chronic pain, depression, and anxiety are a few of the ailments that it is frequently used to treat.

Individual experiences can differ, and the effects can be influenced by factors like dose, consumption style, and tolerance levels, just as with any cannabis strain. It is crucial to always use cannabis sensibly and sparingly.


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