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Buy alaskan-thunder-fuck online: The vibrantly called Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain (also called ATF as well as Matanuska Thunder Fuck) is an uncommon earthy, sweet, sativa-dominant, hybrid the THC concentration between 16% and 24 percent.

The strain is widely recognized for being among the most popular strains available, ATF delivers a soaring cerebral high that stimulates the senses, soothes the body and boosts the spirits. Some claim that this strain can give you some sort of creepy high, while some say it is like lightning, but in the most relaxing and relaxing way.

Alaskan thunder fuck strain Information

Smokers who want a relaxing energetic, creative, and stimulating high will love this Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain for its cerebral and euphoric effects. Although ATF is a heavy on sativa however, it’s around 30 percent indica which means it provides a pleasant relaxation along with its high-energy cerebral high.

Many users have found that Alaskan Thunder Fuck stimulates the appetite in a way that is unimaginable and is a fantastic instrument for treating low appetite. Patients suffering of anxiousnessdepressionPTSD, and various other mood disorders use this strain due to its unique capacity to regulate emotions, without being fatigued or distracted.

ATF is a classic gassy, skunky scent and a flavor that is reminiscent of citrus, spice, and sweet grape and banana undertones. According to the legend (the origin of this particular strain isn’t clear and its effects aren’t as clear), Alaskan Thunder Fuck was created as an intersection between an Northern California sativa and a Russian ruderalis. In the 1970s ATF was crossed to an Afghani landrace, resulting in the current version of ATF.

It’s unclear whether this particular strain originated out or was derived from this region or the Alaskan tundra. Given it’s name, and also the fact that Matanuska Valley is an ideal place to grow weed It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

Whatever speed the effects begin to take effect the user won’t be burned and crashing after the high has worn off. A lot of cannabis enthusiasts love this strain for breakfast because it won’t make them feel groggy at lunchtime. 

Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck _following the legalization of marijuana and cannabis in Canada, users are showing a lot of attention to identifying the most popular strains that will give them the highest level of high. Some strains can give you the feeling of euphoria, other strains offer a sense of calm. One of these could be that of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also called”the Matanuska Tundra, Matanuska Thunder Fuck or ATF. The renowned marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominated variety by nature.

Its origins are in Alaska’s Matanuska Valley region, this variety of marijuana has gained huge popularity in recent. It was originally an intermix of the Russian ruderalis with Northern California Sativa. But, in the second portion of the 70s, this variety was crossed with Afghani genetics, making it a little heartier.Buy Alaskan Thunder Fuck

What are the signs to recognize what is the Alaskan Thunder Fuck?

ATF is famous for having huge and gorgeously decorated buds that are frosted and have the most intense aroma of pine, lemon and menthol as well as Skunk. The most popular reason for it is its tranquil, yet amazing levels of euphoria. The strain is believed for its distinctive “creeper” effect which further increases the appetite.Alaskan Thunder Fuck available for purchase

Effects Rendered by the Alaskan Thunder Fuck | buy alaskan thunder fuck online







Helps With







Dry mouth

Dry mouth50%

Dry eyes

Dry eyes50%

Mild dizziness

Mild dizziness50%
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