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Minimum Order 10 Brownies

Available Flavors: Orange, Lemon, Caramel and Sugar Candy


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The Alice Brownies is the most famous and best-infused Marijuana product. It tastes the same, just like regular brownies. However, it contains a bit high amount of cocoa and baking powder. It is a very creamy and juicy texture, and this brownie contains more than a sufficient amount of THC. The THC ratio is 25-28%. Hence, please read our product description, order Alice Brownies from our site to get the best offer and quality over the internet. To explore cannabis seeds, various cannabis strains, and products, read our description below and get all your answers.

How Is Alice Brownies Made

There are not many ingredients required for making the brownie. Also, the ingredients are readily available and are cheap in rates. There are different flavors of chocolate also available.

Prescribed Usage Of Alice Brownies

There is no such restriction on the consumption of the product. Therefore you can have this cake anytime. However, you should take care of the quantity consumed for your safety.

Advantages Of Consuming Alice Brownies

Some people have experienced an increase in their power of focusing and increasing their creativity. Moreover, the product will provide other health benefits, making them beneficial and ideal for regular usage.

Harmful Effects Of Taking Alice Brownies

Some common drawbacks people suffer are anxiety, stress, and ADHD.
It has a significant impact on your mind, which may lead to hallucinations and stress.
The drug Is highly addictive, and regular consumption can cause various health diseases.

Tips To Buy Alice Brownies

If you have read our description carefully and are willing to purchase Alice Brownies, it will help you cure various skin problems. Visit our website to clear your queries and to access every customer service.


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