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Buy DomPen cartridges online

Buy DomPen cartridges online. Dompen  vape pens cutting-edge distillation process guarantees a solvent-free product. Their cannabis oil tests at 70% THC and over making it a great option when you’re out and about. They infuse their blends with organic fruit terpenes, giving each pen a pure and natural taste. Each pen lasts for over 200 puffs.
Chill out and ride the fruity dominant effects of this earthy and aromatic all-in-one vaporizer. This potent, flower-flavored blend is smooth and savory, great for end-of-the day use.

Dompen is a dose pen filled with a THC distillate and flavored with terpenes. They are most known for the flavor and quality of their oil. Dompen was founded in Los Angeles in 2015. They use an ethanol extraction method on exclusive pesticide-free cultivated cannabis to remove unwanted biomass from their oil. This oil is then triple distilled to yield a premium, solvent-free distillate with a deep and clear amber color. They are available all over California.


  • The oil has a great taste
  • The pen is super sleek and discreet
  • Decent sized clouds per dose

Dompen excels at the disposable pen game with a sleek shiny design and excellent oil quality. The pens are light and very evenly balanced because they’re made of metal. Also, compared to the average dose pen, Dompens offer a larger amount of oil. This is definitely the pen for someone who wants to be able to make some decent sized clouds. For this Dompen review, I tested the pineapple coast flavor, of which the oil gives a hybrid effect.





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