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The name for the Fly strain comes from its parents, Florida Kush and The Y. Though it could also have been foreshadowing because the strain entered the market with a lot of buzz and was difficult to catch. This Cookies strain was bred by Powerzzzup and it reportedly hits the body hard. If you try it, you may want to prepare your mind for takeoff thanks to the heavy cerebral effects. The flavor is said to be sweet with gassy notes


fly cookies weed strain:A cannabis strain with a Fly on the packaging doesn’t seem like it would usually be appealing, but most will probably give this strain a chance because it was released by Cookies! Fly was originally bred by Powerzzzup Genetics, and released under the Cookies banner. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Florida Kush and The Y, hence “Fly”.
The robust and dense Fly buds have forest-green and deep purple jagged leaves, with a trim of sticky gold trichome hairs. This sticky coat of trichomes could probably make flies stick to it. Perhaps this helped inspire the name. Orange pistils are sparse, making the nuggets mostly violet, with a gold trim of sticky trichomes. fly cookies weed strain
Fly smells like spicy Kush and gasoline. The taste is pungent and gassy, with a spicy Kush aftertaste. This certainly helps support the theory that Florida Kush is a parent strain. The heavy diesel and kush aroma, along with the thick coat of sticky trichomes, provide clues to the potent cerebral euphoria that consumers say lies ahead.
Users report an intense, but not overwhelming psychoactive euphoria. One user remarked how, although intense, it wasn’t the usual paranoid type of experience she feels with potent Sativa or Sativa-like strains. Fly scored the highest marks in pain reduction. Relief from both muscular and intestinal cramping were reported. One user found he was able to quickly forget about his bad day at work, which was consistent with other users who reported an improved mood.
Fly is another masterpiece that Cookies sought to stamp their seal of approval on, and thus has put it under their banner. It is a potent, but not overwhelming Indica, that may help regulate mood and ease physical discomfort, with a low to moderate couch-lock potential.

fly cookies weed strain


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