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Glo Extract YUMBOLDT can be hard to find but it is renowned for its potency. This is great at making you sleepy and content.
THC: 24%
Glo Extract YUMBOLDT is an incredibly uncommon 100% unadulterated indica strain hailing from Humboldt County in California. This moist bud has obscure hereditary qualities because of raiser mystery and flaunts a THC level going from 12-24% all things considered, contingent upon the reproducer.
Clients depict the glo carts YUMBOLDT high as one common and expected of a cliché indica – you’ll have a gradually crawling beginning of a warming body buzz that beginnings in the temple and leaves your eyes red and saggy. This high gradually spreads all through the whole body, leaving you totally loose and giving you critical relief from discomfort in both brain and body.
As the high proceeds, you’ll gradually fall into a profound and tranquil rest. Because of these powerful impacts, This product is supposed to be an ideal strain for treating patients experiencing conditions, for example, constant torment because of injury or ailment, irritation, and nerve torment or harm. This bud has little thick neon green buds that are totally shrouded in orange hairs a fine layer of trichomes.
The Glo Extract YUMBOLDT nugs have scanty olive green leaves and connotations and are trickling with sweet tacky gum. It has a smell of sharp zesty wood and a sample of fiery woody citrus.
Effects of  Glo Extract YUMBOLDT-

58% of people report feeling relaxed


48% of people report feeling sleepy


42% of people report feeling euphoric


41% of people report feeling happy


25% of people report feeling uplifted

Dry mouth

22% of people report feeling dry mouth

Dry eyes

16% of people report feeling dry eyes


5% of people report feeling dizzy


4% of people report feeling headache


2% of people report feeling paranoid

Helps with-


47% of people say it helps with pain


39% of people say it helps with stress


32% of people say it helps with insomnia


27% of people say it helps with anxiety


25% of people say it helps with depression

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