Hot Chocolate


Hot Chocolate is a dreamy and sweet strain, great for a chill wake ‘n bake session first thing in the morning, or for a midday toke. All stress will lift off with this strain.  Cerebral effects mainly come on by relaxing any racing thoughts while proving a motivating energy that pulses through the body.

It has a creamy and chocolaty flavor with hints of hashy incense. This tasty Sativa is a great holiday treat to share with friends!

Hot Chocolate , bred by 00 Seeds, is a powerful indica strain that captures the best of its two parent strains. Mazar, with its resin-oozing buds, lends its potent full-body euphoria while its other pure indica parent passes on a pungent aroma of hashy incense and chocolate. The exact parentage of this strain is not known. But it is the perfect mix of being a sweet strain that relaxes anxiety while giving a motivating, invigorating energy

This strain grows into medium-sized plants with a Christmas tree structure and flowers in 56 to 60 days. The sativa-dominant Chocolope Kush sometimes goes by the name Chocolate Kush, so be sure to confirm this strain’s genetics with your budtender if you’re looking for the heavy-handed indica.



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