Liberty Haze strain


Liberty Haze strain

The effects of the hybrid Liberty Haze strain are primarily sativa cerebral. It was developed by Barney’s Farm, a breeding facility that also produced flavor-focused strains like Tangerine Dream and Blue Cheese. It is a hybrid between Mississippi-born G13 and sativa favorite Chemdawg. It’s a fantastic choice for a variety of scenarios because it has a lively, well-rounded taste and is energetic. Because to its psychoactivity, Liberty’s Haze won the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup’s title for best overall strain. According to cannabis testing facility Analytical 360, Liberty Haze flower has between 17% and an astounding 29% THC.

The tall, tapering buds on Liberty’s Haze’s flowers, which are somewhat evocative of traditional Thaistick, reveal the strain’s sativa origins. These buds have a loose, fluffy feel, and the leaves can be separated from the center stems with little effort. The leaves themselves are a vivid spring green, and many orange to red hairs distinguish them (which are actually pistils, meant to catch pollen from flowering male plants). Although the blooms lack the silver shine typical of other resinous strains, transparent trichomes ensure that they are sticky and extremely strong. When Liberty Haze buds are properly aged, they release the somewhat uncommon aroma of lime. On closer inspection, more dank, kushy base notes balance out the citrus acidity. On the exhale, this strain tastes like lime and burns smoothly. Smokers may also detect a hint of spice and herbal flavor.

Users experience the head high and bracing effects of Liberty Haze soon. Around the eyes and temples, there is a constant pressure. Also, there is a noticeable shift in awareness that may initially be confusing; smokers may find themselves being suddenly more perceptive, perhaps even hyperaware, of their surroundings. Users can aim this energetic thinking in any way after getting used to this changed mood, though. You may find the inspiration you need in Liberty Haze to go out and run some errands. As an alternative, it can aid in completing work that is more analytical and task-based or creative and artistic. If you’re staying in or going on a trek on a gorgeous day with friends, it could also be a terrific opportunity to connect and unwind. Liberty Haze, a traditional “wake and bake” variety, shouldn’t be used right before bed. Even for seasoned cannabis users, its potent mental effects can last a long time.

Cannabis hybrid Liberty Haze is renowned for its balanced effects, uplifting high, and cerebral high. It is a cross between the G13 and Chemdawg 91 strains, which were combined to produce a well-rounded hybrid.

Liberty Haze is a potent strain that can provide strong effects because it often has a high THC concentration, with levels ranging approximately 22%. It has a sharp, lemony scent with touches of spice and a sweet, earthy flavor with lime undertones.

Users of this strain have reported feeling uplifted and energised after using it, which can lead to feelings of joy, creativity, and focus. It can also have a calming and relaxing impact on the body, making it suitable for usage both during the day and at night. In general, cannabis connoisseurs favor Liberty Haze for its well-balanced effects and distinctive flavor profile.

Liberty Haze strain


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