Memory cookies is a fast-finishing 70% sativa hybrid from Archive Seed Bank that smells very much like a Dutch Haze, with a strong, peppery incense odor and undertones of bubblegum and fruit.

This cross of Amnesia Haze and a Face Off OG male produces large, easy to grow plants and heavy yields. Memory Loss is named for its mind-warping high that can leave users in a disoriented and forgetful mental state.

Cookie Loss is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain (85% sativa/15% indica) created through crossing the delicious Forum Cut of Girl Scout Cookies X Memory Loss. Looking for a super tasty bud with cerebral effects that will leave you lifted? You’ve found it. Cookie Loss packs a heady high that’s perfect for getting you up and moving on your to-do list without causing much of anxiety (unless you take too much!).

The high starts with an energetic lift that fills your mind with a sense of focus and happy motivation. As your cerebral state soars to new heights of creativity and mental accomplishment, your body will remain relaxed, lulling you into a hungry state that will have you reaching for anything you can eat in sight

Memory cookies effects

63 people reported 389 effects


46% of people report feeling uplifted


46% of people report feeling happy


42% of people report feeling euphoric


34% of people report feeling relaxed


33% of people report feeling creative

Dry mouth

19% of people report feeling dry mouth


6% of people report feeling anxious

Dry eyes

6% of people report feeling dry eyes


3% of people report feeling headache


1% of people report feeling dizzy


30% of people say it helps with stress


25% of people say it helps with pain


19% of people say it helps with depression


19% of people say it helps with anxiety


14% of people say it helps with fatigue


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