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Buy moxie carts! They’re here, and they’re FIRE! !

These Moxie Carts are made using the finest distillate, and taste great! Potency and taste are beyond compare! It is made with CAT3 distillate and premium Terpenes that provide the perfect blend of taste and power. Their carts range from 80’s to the 90’s in total THC. Test one now and you won’t be disappointed, and will definitely be returning to purchase more. Also Moxie Carts are compatible with 510 and can be used with each of our battery 510 pen we have available.

Which Liquid Moxie flavors are available?

We carry three flavors: Indica, Sativa and Hybrid and be sure to keep an eye on us for us as we add additional flavors from this brand. Moxie is well-known for its potency and top quality products they supply. People who have been through Moxie products will be aware of what they can offer.

  • Ape (Indica)
  • Dream (Hybrid)
  • Tangie (Sativa)

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Moxie is a success in producing the most healthy cannabis Medicines available on the market.
Furthermore, Moxie provides the highest quality medical cannabis concentrates through the development of their laboratory-grade three-step process.
Moxie are committed to offering alternative types of medications available for patients. Additionally, it helps patients to take medication. cultivator community that is genetically superior seeds. Starting with to their Live Resin concentrates to their
Feminized Seeds Moxie offers a variety of strains including Alpine Cookies, Blue Coral, Goji
Valley Kush, Lemon Goji 0G along with Viper City, among Numerous others.
At Moxie each batches of oil are tested by the level of Cannabis testing labs, which ensure the highest quality of their products. They also evaluate their oils as well.
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Moxie Carts


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