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The sunrock weed strain ,also known as “SunRocks” or “The Sunrocks,” is an evenly balanced hybrid weed strain (50% indica/50% sativa) that is typically made up of an assortment of different OG Kush family members.

Sunrock strain is an updated version of the coveted MoonRocks variety, taking its potency to a whole new level that even Snoop Dogg won’t smoke, hitting THC levels of up to 80%.
Sunrocks are created through taking a highly potent and super dense OG Kush nug.
Rolling it in high-potency wax and then coating it with kief.

The result is a super sticky and dense bright neon green nugget that is glittering with frosty kief and trichomes. The flavor is very reminiscent of a classic OG Kush.
with spicy and sweet flowers dancing over your tongue, accented by a sour potency that increases as you toke.

The Sunrocks high is one that will knock you flat out before you even realize what’s happening.

You’ll feel a rushing lift of happiness and a sense of mental calm before your body begins to drown in a heavily sedative and couch-locked state.

This almost immediately leads to sleep, knocking out even the most experienced of patients after a single toke. Because of these heavy effects and its high potency level.
Sunrocks are recommended for experienced patients suffering from insomnia.
Neuropathy, arthritis, chronic pain and muscle spasms or cramps.

What are Sunrock weed

Sunrock weed strainbegin with a nug of premium flower that is dipped in verano.
Nectar oil and then topped with chunks of shatter. This process leads to a potent and highly effective product.
Only the purest, most exceptional products are allowed to bear our name. Depending on your needs and preferences, the Verano product line offers plenty of options.

Choose from Swift Lifts (a pre-rolled, mini pack), Sunrock Shatter (a very popular concentrate), Purple Punch and Gelato (dessert strains), or a variety of vape distillate cartridges. There’s at least one to meet your medicinal and adult-use consumption needs.

What Are Buy sunRocks Online?

You’ve probably heard of MoonRocks, but what are SunRocks? The concept is similar to MoonRocks, which are nugs completely coated in oil and rolled in kief. They look like a green version of powdered donut holes or munchkins. However, SunRocks look different and rumor has it they will get you even higher.

MoonRocks vs. SunRocks

As long as buds, kief and oil are involved, you got yourself a MoonRock. Any combination of those three will get you a MoonRock. It doesn’t matter if two different strains or consistencies of wax are used.

SunRocks take things a step further than the moon.

At Big Tray Deee’s SunRocks, only top-shelf OG nugs and extracts are used in the process. A nug run extract is drizzled onto the nugs before a kief coating is introduced. The final product still looks like a nug from the distance. Once you touch it or look up close, you’ll notice the oil coating.

With MoonRocks, you might be getting a crappy nug, hidden under bad wax and coated in the cheapest kief money can buy. The problem with that is you probably wouldn’t know it until you buy it. You’ll have to split one open and smoke it before you realize your money could have been better spent.

It’s easier to tell you’re getting quality before you even smoke with SunRocks. At first glance, every nug should be sparkling.

What are SunRocks potency like compared to MoonRocks? Apparently, the best MoonRocks test at around 60 percent THC. That’s around the same percentage as weaker SunRocks. Big Tray Deee’s claims that their SunRocks test at over 80 percent THC.

How To Smoke Buy sunRocks Online

Unless you want your grinder consuming a bunch of the kief and oil, your nug is covered with you’ll have to find a safer way to break up your SunRocks. We recommend using scissors to gently cut it into smaller pieces. You can then smoke it out of a pipe, bong or even a blunt wrap. Whatever your preference is, SunRocks are a step above MoonRocks in potency, so treat them that way.

You can probably sprinkle pieces of SunRocks into a blunt full of regular weed and still enhance your experience. MoonRocks were made for people looking for a way to get higher than smoking flowers alone. SunRocks are made for those that want to get higher than they would with MoonRocks, but maybe not as much as doing a fat dab. If you’re an inexperienced cannabis consumer, we recommend taking caution. Snoop Dogg told the Breakfast Club that MoonRocks were too much for him so we can’t imagine what SunRocks would do.

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