It took many years, but Amsterdam growers were eventually able to stabilize the strain and produce consistent results. Medical users find Bubble Gum relieves muscle soreness and inflammation and is great for fast pain relief.

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The first Bubble gum strain was created by farmers in IN. The biological science was transferred into New England and eventually European country. It took several generations for the company to create an inert gum that had the distinctive sweet aroma and euphoric high. Gum Gum won two awards in the Cannabis Cup in 1994. It was also the second prize winner in 1995 and twice again in 1999. Purchase Bubble Gum weeed on the internet.

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Sweet and sweet, Bubble Gum will keep you returning to this amazing marijuana strain, time after time.

This is a bit of the tale of marijuana-based gum. The development of the gum has been an extended process of moving from one place from one to another, with the strain being perfected and stabilized every time before settling into the popularity that has not just caused the world to notice it as a cannabis community to recognize it. Purchase Bubble Gum marijuana on the internet.

Bubble Gum won two awards in The Cannabis Cup in 1994. Cannabis Cup, but the brilliance of this strain did not end there. Between 1995 and 1999 it was Bubble Gum won two awards in 1995 and 1999. marijuana strain took home 2nd place again due to its sweet and distinctive flavor in addition to its powerful potency and in balance indica and the sativa high. To gain fame and popularity that it hasenjoyed, Bubble Gum was a constant uphill struggle that began around the time of the 1970s. Purchase Bubble Gumm marijuana on the internet.

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