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What is an afghan Kush?

Order afghan kush on the internet , Afghan Kush, which is a nearly 100 percent Indica strain, is grown naturally within the Hindu Kush mountain range. It has an earthy scent that is nearly “hash-like” scent with a scent that resembles Pinesol. When it is smoked, it gives the sweet taste of hash that is similar to the smell. The buds of this variety are extremely condensed and covered in a decent number of trichomes (the THC making glands or crystals). The plant is characterized by the broad leaves that are typical of other Indicas.

Because this strain is predominantly Indica that it can affect the body far greater than it does the brain. It causes a heavy feeling of sleepiness or laziness. Also, it is described as being a positive and uplifting experience that makes users to feel extremely content. Some users report feeling hungry after inhaling it. A few users have expressed concern about the consumption of it. If you take more than a few hits could create a feeling of euphoria, which can make the person unable to walk. The negative effects of the strain include dry mouth, eyes, sometimes paranoia and dizziness. Some people have reported headaches following the use of Afghan Kush.

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Due to the strong Indica effects Due to the strong effects of Indica, it is often utilized by those suffering from insomnia to treat insomnia as a drug for the night. It can also be utilized to assist people in dealing with anxiety and stress. Patients suffering from eating disorders, like anorexia, are able to use it due to its impact on appetite. Because of its body-heavy high, it’s the perfect strain for relieving pain and relaxation for those suffering from chronic pain.

The strain was traditionally harvested in order to create a highly powerful hashish, with the quality that the strain kept. Due to the strength of this wild variety it is suggested for novice growers. The unusually high THC content could help offset the lower yields that beginners may harvest. It’s pretty resistant to mold and disease (another important benefit for novices). Due to its natural toughness, Afghan Kush can be cultivated both outdoors and indoors. The plant blooms over seven to eight weeks, and will be ready to harvest in October, when it is grown outdoors. Since it is an Indica shorter Afghan Kush plants grow wide and fill out, rather than growing. If the plant is properly maintained, it can produce about 400 grams for every square square within or 500-600 grams outside.

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