Hibiscus Sunrise



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Hibiscus Sunrise is Colorado Seed Inc.’s adaptation of “seashore seat weed.” This unwinding, lucid indica-predominant mixture exudes chill flows made for brilliant days. Offering a psychological clearness that empowers movement, Hibiscus Sunrise likewise gives a body high that is thick however not weighted.Hibiscus Sunrise

Pair this strain with a decent playlist and enjoy the sights and scents of a world saw from a higher point of view.
Indica Dominant Hybrid – 70% Indica/30% Sativa
THC: 18% – 19%, CBD: 5%
Hibiscus Sunrise, otherwise called “Seashore Chair Weed,” is an indica predominant crossover strain made through the intersection of the delectable Hawaiian Sunrise X Gupta Kush strains.
This bud is the ideal strain for kicking back at the seashore, with vigorous yet loosening up impacts that upgrade your actual work and leave you feeling calm simultaneously.
The high beginnings with a splendid fiery lift that imbues you with dynamic quality and leaves you feeling composed and centered. Indeed, even in this state, you will not get restless – rather, you’ll become loose in both psyche and body.
In blend with its high 18% normal THC level and 4-5% CBD level, these impacts make Hibiscus Sunrise ideal for treating conditions like constant weariness, aggravation, sorrow, a sleeping disorder, and muscle fits. Like any exemplary Hawaiian strain, Hibiscus dawn has a sweet tropical organic product flavor with new fiery citrus breathe out.

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The smell is of natural tropical organic products with a sharp citrus impact that has a dash of pine as the nugs are fallen to pieces. Hibiscus Sunrise buds have long grape-formed woods green nugs with dazzling orange hairs and a covering of clear gem trichomes.
Effects of Hibiscus Sunrise

47% of people report feeling relaxed


47% of people report feeling euphoric


41% of people report feeling uplifted


41% of people report feeling happy


35% of people report feeling energetic


Dry mouth

17% of people report feeling dry mouth


11% of people report feeling anxious

Helps with-

47% of people say it helps with anxiety


23% of people say it helps with depression


23% of people say it helps with pain


23% of people say it helps with arthritis


17% of people say it helps with insomnia


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