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Platinum Cookies is also called “Platinum Girl Scout Cookies,” “Platinum GSC,” and “PGSC” is a popular hybrid marijuana strain, and the next evolutionary step for GSC. This Cup-winning hybrid – a cross between OG Kush, Durban Poison, and another unknown strain–fills your lungs and nostrils with sweet hints of berries and candy, and is followed by a fruity spice. People suffering from extreme nausea, pain, swelling headaches, migraines and stress are not looking to find relief since symptoms both physical and psychological disappear immediately. Platinum GSC Platinum GSC strain boasts an encrusted coat of crystal trichomes on its sage green leaves guaranteeing its potency for anyone with doubts about its potency.

Buy platinum girl scout cookies seeds

Girl Scout Cookies is one of the marijuana stars that have people asking for the seeds and the marijuana all over the world. Therefore, it’s just natural that Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, the second kind that’s behind the more popular Thin Mint GSC, to be a popular choice. The flavor is smooth and the levels of THC are set at the top of a mental mountain and it will send you flying and destroying your anxiety and pain. It’s the ultimate source for stress-relief.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies leans somewhat Indica (60/40) It also blooms approximately 9 weeks. As the plant is very popular experienced growers have number of suggestions on how to increase the yields of this somewhat volatile plant. Platinum GSC is resistant to pests such as spider mites, however it’s far from impervious to pests. If you spot those tiny bugs appearing (they appear like small yellow and white spots in the leaf) You could have a pest that can destroy your crop in your hands. Use homemade pesticides to ensure that you don’t injure the leaves’ dark green hues and beautiful hairs that are bright orange.

Let’s say that you’ve managed to get your hands on one of your favorite GSC. Its scent is a bit of an outdoor scent, with pine and earthy notes. It’s spicy and sweet like fresh soil. The taste is earthy and sweet too. It’s a blend of candied fruits, berries and spicy herbsthe Platinum GSC is a enjoyable smoke. As a cross between the Durban Poison combination and invincible OG Kush, we expected nothing less.

The THC levels rise to 26% and provide immense relief to people who are suffering from various types of stress, anxiety, and depression. If you’re in a pinch this strain may help insomniacs, but it’s often advised to treat pain. It may help relieve muscles spasms, ease the symptoms of attention disorders such as ADD as well as alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Its Platinum Girl Scout Cookies smoke is cloudy, almost milky white and has a sweet, pungent scent. The flavors that are incorporated with the ambience of your home include mint, cherry candy, herbs, berries and even a little bit of chocolate. The piney, earthy appeal of this relaxation queen could be the star of your stress-relieving team. The energy of the creative and the happy feeling are winners according to our opinion.



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